Hello beautiful Soul,

Welcome to Gaia Sophia Sanctuary,

A Ceremonial Space for the Wild & Sacred embodiment of your full Self

Here you can find Support, Mentoring & Energy Healing to help guide you into deeper connection with yourself, your inner wisdom, guides, cycles & nature connection. 

This work is here to help you come home to yourself, embody your Magic and Power in harmony with Nature and the Wisdom that YOU ARE.

I'm Pamela Naraya, Energy Healer, Teacher, Mentor, Land Lover, and Temple guardian at Gaia Sophia Sanctuary.

My mission is to help you nurture your health, well-being and joyful living from the inside out so that you feel connected to your roots and your crown, heart and womb. From my heart I love to share the medicine tools I have gathered and created for you to help you hear your inner voice so you can magnify your magic and share your Soul gifts with the world.

I am dedicated to offer you a Sacred Space for transformation where you can come home to hear yourself, heal old traumas, find balance, wholeness and empowerment in your every day life.

Let's regenerate and create Beauty together in harmony with Nature and all of Life.

With Love,

Pamela Naraya

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