Samhain Full Moon Ceremony

Shamanic Journey to connect with the Spirit of Amanita Muscaria

Weave magic & empowerment into your life

Welcome to join our Samhain Ceremony where we will go on a Shamanic journey to meet with the spirit of the Sacred mushroom Amanita Muscaria. Together we will connect to the energies of the Full Moon on the powerful ancestral festival of Samhain. This marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year and the deepening of our journey inwards with Winter. We will share our intentions and invite the guidance of Amanita, the forest Queen, to weave her healing and blessings into our lives. 

What is a shamanic journey?

The shamanic journey is a meditative journey into non-ordinary reality to receive healing, guidance and blessings. The drum is often used as a tool to expand consciousness and help guide you to other realms to connect with your helping spirits and allies. Shamanism is over 40,000 years old and I believe it is still around today because it works and gives results to help us live fulfilling lives.

I went on my first drum guided shamanic journey when I was 19 and studied in Scotland. I met a shamanic teacher there and as he taught me to meet my power animal guide, I was amazed with how much I was able to receive from this helping ally that communicated with me through the other realm. Empowerment and magic are two seeds that began to grow in my life at that time as a result of this journey. Connecting with the other realms brought back a sense of wonder about being alive and helped me reclaim power that I had lost. 

You too can go on a shamanic journey to communicate with the spirit, the essence, and the intelligence of the Plant/animal/teacher you wish to work with to receive guidance, empowerment and healing for yourself and your community. Since I was 16, I have been working with sacred mushrooms for soul healing and for the past 5 years Amanita Muscaria has come into my life as a teacher, healer and guide. My experience with her is filled with beauty. She helped me heal and clear my energy field on my first encounter with her in a forest in New Zealand. After that she started to come into my dreams and the relationship started to deepen in Finland and now the Pyrenees. 

From mystical tales of ancient Soma, Santa Claus, drinking Reindeer urine and going on magical flights, to fears of poisoning that command respect, Amanita inspires a lot within our hearts and many people are feeling called to learn more about her. Why not receive directly from her? Are you feeling drawn to cultivate more magic in your life? Are you feeling the need to call your power back? Join me in ceremonial space for you to go on a shamanic journey to meet with the spirit of Amanita to receive what it is she wishes to share with you to enhance the empowerment and magic in YOUR life. It will happen this Saturday for the Samhain full moon and you will be fully guided to take your shamanic journey and ritually start the Celtic New Year from a place of heart connection to Nature and your true self. Warmly welcome! 

When: 20:00-21:30, Paris time, 31st October

Where: Online through Zoom

To sign up, please send €17 through PayPal to

You will then be sent the link to our Zoom meeting by email once you have signed up.

Please set up your sacred space beforehand so that you will be undisturbed. Light a candle and burn some incense if you like. Get clear on your intention. Have a journal with you, a bottle of water, and headphones for best possible sound for the journey. Come as you are, with open heart and open mind! All of you is welcome.

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