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Inner Wild Pilgrimage

A Sacred Journey of Soul Embodiment

Welcome to a ceremonial journey through the Inner Medicine WheelYou are invited to step into your full power, beauty and joy on this journey of Soul Embodiment.

Come on and take my hand, fellow pilgrim, on this wild inner path that is the greatest adventure of them all. The adventure of self discovery through devotion to Spirit and the Land. 

Through the ancient map of the Celtic wheel of the year we will travel, taking many twists and turns in the inner wilderness of Self to discover hidden gifts and bring more of ourselves Home.


Through 5 sessions together one-to-one, you will walk through the gateways of the Elements, the Directions and Archetypes that live inside you. Embrace your wholeness, let the entire essence of you come home to be reclaimed and embodied. The Earth longs to feel your loving presence, fully here, through your feet kissing her and your Heart singing its most authentic song, the song of your Soul.


Join guide and healer Pamela Naraya on the magical quest of the Inner Wild Pilgrimage. Each gateway is a portal deeper into Self with gifts to help you embody your essence and tend your relationship with the more than human kin. Together we will celebrate your place in the web of life and mend any fragments that are calling for healing on this journey.

This is a journey of Soul Retrieval, Expansion and Embodiment. Through 5 private Sessions together in Sacred Space and at Home practices to play with, you will be invited to cultivate your Cyclical Alignment, Nature Connection, Soul Gifts and your JOY. This is a journey to support you in your Self-Care, to dive deep into your Inner Wilds so you can know yourself better and become a Guardian of your Joy. This is a Pilgrimage of grounding, feeling, gratitude, healthy boundaries, a Sacred communion with Life, with the Land and of honouring your Essence in Celebration.

All of you is welcome here.


This is for you if you would like to:

>> Get to know yourself, your inner landscape & your needs better

>> Empower your Joy with Self-Care, Celebration & Honouring

>> Align your Sacred body with the Elements, Seasons & Moon cycles

>> Reclaim your Inner Oracle through your Heart-Womb's wisdom & intuition

>> Harmonise yourself through your Feminine Energy Cycle & how you create your life

>> Regenerate & empower your well-being with Self-Care & Alignment practices

>> Offer healing and blessings to your Ancestors through becoming more & more free to be the real you

>> Build relationship with the Spirit of the Land where you live & empower your purpouse

>> Meet and connect with Spiritual Allies 

>> Balance your Masculine & Feminine energies

>> Empower your voice through Sacred Singing

>> Work with the elements, plants, stones and animals allies

>> Support your journey & embodiment with powerful healing ceremonies 

>> Receive the Support of Sisterhood and Sacred Space

>> Learn to create a strong personal container for alignment

>> and so much more magick along the way :)























Essential Wildness-3.png
Soul Alchemy Womb Healing Vibrational Essences-11.jpeg


We meet for 5 Sessions One-to-One in Sacred Space on Zoom with invitations for you in between each session and ongoing email support throughout.

Exchange: €550-770 sliding scale

For whom?

You know you are your own healer yet you welcome support and sisterhood at this time to help you in your spiritual embodiment and to deepen your relationship with the Web of Life. You are done with being a victim and ready to be more empowered in your Joy and Intuitive Feminine Wisdom.

Suitable to those with experience in healing work, Ceremony and Shamanism. Also suitable to those that are just starting to remember this way and feel the call of their Soul longing to grow its Joy in the world in harmony with Gaia and the more than human kin.

Why work with me?

I am passionate, joyful and love to hold space for diving deep. I have been through the Initiations and Dark nights of the Soul that forged me into the Soul Healer I am today with the Compassion and Experience to support others through their own reclaiming, transformation and empowerment. I walk my talk and t's an honour to walk this path with you.

In Love and Service,

Welcome Home! 

Pamela Naraya

Do you hear the call of your Inner Wild?

If Yes, then I invite you to get in touch so you can begin your application for this Sacred Pilgrimage into Yourself.

The Ancient map of your Inner Medicine Wheel will guide you on this journey full of beauty, Earth connection 

practices, embodiment tools and most of all - LOVE.

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