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Inner Wild Pilgrimage

Imbolc - Beltane 2022

Welcome to this 3-month ceremonial journey through the Inner Medicine Wheel of the 7 Directions

to empower you Embodiment, Nature Connection and Soul Gifts.

We begin at Samhain, ancient festival of honouring and connecting with our Ancestors and celebration of the Celtic New Year. As we enter Winter's darkest and deepest time of the wheel of the year, you are invited to come on a Sacred Pilgrimage into the depths your Inner Wild and allow your Medicine to refine itself as we prepare for Spring Rebirth and the sharing of our Sacred Soul Gifts.

This is for you if you would like to:

>> Get to know yourself, your inner landscape & your needs better

>> Align your Sacred body with the Earth & Moon

>> Reclaim your Inner Oracle through your Heart & Womb wisdom & intuition

>> Harmonise yourself through your Feminine Energy Cycle & how you create your life

>> Regenerate & empower your well-being with Self-Care & Alignment practices

>> Offer healing and blessings to your Ancestors through becoming more & more free to be the real you

>> Build relationship with the Spirit of the Land where you live & empower your purpouse

>> Reclaim your Sacred Sexuality, pleasure & magick

>> Meet your Council of Spiritual Allies, a team with you for life

>> Balance your Masculine & Feminine energies

>> Empower your voice through Sacred Singing

>> Work with the elements, plants, stones and animals allies

>> Support your journey & embodiment with powerful healing ceremonies 

>> Receive the Support of Sisterhood and Sacred Space

>> Learn to create strong containers for healing & ceremony

>> and so much more magick along the way!


We will meet live every other Sunday of the month for transmissions and sharing circles on Zoom

There will be explorations and assignments to play with in between each live gateway, with PDFs and videos sent to your mailbox. The relationships you weave with your council of allies

and the intimacy you deepen with yourself will be with you for life.


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