Soul Alchemy  
Come Home to your Whole Being

What is Soul Alchemy?

Soul Alchemy is a sacred space where transformation and empowerment unfold through aligned energetic transmissions.


What you can expect:

- Deep cellular repair

- Soul retrieval

- Trauma healing

- Strengthening of the auric field

- Activation of life purpose

- Anchoring of the soul into the physical body

- True homecoming into this incarnation of who you have come here to be

With the power of intention, alignment and resonance, miracles can happen!

Are you ready to reclaim your power to live your life in the beauty and harmony that is your birthright?

Can you feel the calling of your true nature and would like some help in getting clear in your energy, heart, body, mind and spirit?

Letting go of the past, honouring the cycles of transformation, and choosing how we want to live helps us

to create the life experience we are longing for in harmony with the wisdom of Nature that lives within us.

Soul Alchemy begins with finding alignment and resonance through Intention setting and

encourages your cultivation of health, presence and clarity by connecting to the intuitive wisdom of your presence within.

What does a session look like?

I send you some questions beforehand to help you prepare and we meet online through Zoom for your Soul Alchemy Session.

You want to be able to lie down, be cosy and comfortable in a private and undisturbed space for an hour and 15 minutes so you can receive the Shamanic Vibrational Healing and Transmission of your healing journey.

The work goes deep into multi-dimensional cellular healing and each session is uniquely guided by your intention and what you most need in that moment. The wisdom is inside you, and I am here as your ally and guide on this journey of healing and transformation to leave you feeling cleansed, nourished and empowered.


This is not a quick fix. Powerful healing and activation can happen in a single session, and deeper healing unfolds with mutliple sessions. 

This process requires your full participation in how you prepare, integrate the session afterwards, and devote space for your inner journey to be willing to act upon the guidance of your intuition and what you receive in the transmission of your Soul Alchemy Session.

The power to heal is in your hands and I am here as your ally and loving guide if you feel drawn to work together. 

Get in touch if you feel ready to step more deeply into your magic and power and would like to be supported in this way.

I would be honoured to work with you.

Soul Alchemy Healing Session: 1H15  > €77

Soul Alchemy Pilgrimage Bundle:

1 Session per month with a tailor made vibrational essence blend

and on-going support in between sessions by email or WhatsApp > €111 

Second Session of the month €70


"I truly love working with Pamela! Love her gentle and very authentic approach to the healing work. In our Soul Alchemy session everything felt so natural and joyful and at the same time it went so incredibly deep and was so powerful that I was in awe afterwards.
One of the greatest gifts that I get from our sessions is a growing trust and apprecciation of my own power and wisdom and for that I'm immensely grateful and happy!" -Sandra Leiterizt

"Pamela is truly an embodiement of the Goddess. In our healing session she held such beautiful space for me to go deep within and journey to the depths of my soul. Her frequency is palpable even half way across the world! When she was singing during the session, it literally sounded as if Gaia were singing through her. I feel so blessed to have experienced a healing session with her, and highly recommend her to all who are ready to get to know themselves on a deeper level." -Sofiya Mariya


"I met Pamela Naraya years ago at a retreat in Morocco and was called to have a healing session with her. I knew it was going to be a breathwork session, but didn’t know the impact it would have on my life. In our session, I set an intention on clearing a specific trauma, and it all came up to the surface with grace while Pamela held the space for me. I felt so safe and held that I could let everything out and let go of it.

I then started my healing journey with my soul tribe, with around 2 years of karmic clearing, healing wounds, removing blockages… etc

A couple of months ago, I was called to work with Pamela again, and it felt like I came full circle. Something was ending/closing.

Pamela weaved my soul back into my body and I was grounded again. I needed it after years of energy work.

Now I am grounded more than ever, I am comfortably shifting in between worlds.. my dream space where I can do energy work, and then the physical world where I am grounded and anchored. I cannot thank Pamela enough for the guidance and support she lovingly gives… I trust that if I ever needed assistance or support, she is that person." - Meera AlQassimi

"Pamela Naraya offers a virtual safe haven to conduct her strong Soul Alchemy therapies. She is a beautifully grounded soul, administrating a nurturing balm for the traveller,  on this journey called life. Recommend"  - Paul Duncan

"Wanted to thank you so much. I feel the Journey really started a detox in my body. Energetic & physical release. 

You’re very talented and I loved how you were able to hold space and create a container for the work from afar. I really felt it. For me, it was a very vivid journey. Colors, sensations, the inner child, dragon serpent. And then ending with the card reading wrapped it all together. Thank you so much for a beautiful healing journey. Keep shining. I’m still feeling the affect of the work, resting, drinking water." - Julia Hackzell

"Pamela has a warm, grounding, light hearted presence yet she is a powerful being. I left the session feeling embodied and empowered. Pamela’s beautiful and nurturing support throughout the process helped me trust myself to sink deeper and let go... that has helped me to fully align with my hearts intentions and purpose. I am forever grateful, thank you so much!!" - Suzannah Lim 

"Doing the healing with Pamela was one of the most transformative, real and efficient energy work I have ever done. 
Straight after the session, I felt brighter and firmly grounded with a new sense of awereness and clear boundaries.
In strong alignment with my purpose, I resonate on a higher level, experiencing more synchronicities and healing in my relationships.
I also feel renewed on a cellular level, more balanced and re-energised.
Pamela's vibration is authentic and full of light which is why I love working with her, she naturally inspires trust and confidence, making us comfortable. Working with her is the best gift we can give to ourselves." - Analucia Ferraci