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Heart of the Arctic Retreat

13th-19th August 2024, Inari, Finland


Welcome to spend a magical week in Arctic Lapland, Finland. 


There is a wilderness that stirs the Soul.

A land where spaciousness and silence speak of elemental depths and timeless being.

A place where the wind sings through the Pine trees dripping with lichen in forests filled with blueberries and the stream sings ancient mantras that bring the medicine of sweet water to our hearts.

There is a land still inhabited with bears, wolves, lynx, arctic foxes, wolverines, ospreys, eagles, rough legged buzzards, falcons, cranes and Siberian jays. This is a land where there are more reindeer than people, and there is an ancient pact between them… Welcome to Lapland.


The Great wilderness of the North is calling us to gather for an adventure and sacred pilgrimage. The ancient elements and the well ancestors have gifts to share with us. Amidst some of the largest uninhabited and roadless wilderness areas in Europe, we will visit the pristine waters, the forests, the animals, the minerals, the plants, and guardians that dwell there. We will introduce ourselves and cultivate sacred reciprocity with the land. We will make offerings and honour the Spirit of the Wild in the land and in ourselves. The silence is one of the greatest gifts of this pure nature that we will immerse ourselves in daily and receive attunements from.


Lani and Pamela are joining forces to be your guides through the Northern landscape and offer you powerful ceremonies to connect you with the elements and the wild essence within, which include:

  • Plant meditations and ceremonies with Rose, Pine, Amanita, Wildflowers, Chaga-Cacao

  • Water ceremonies including libations, kundalini yoga Water attunements, sound healing, cleansing, wild swimming, and simply being with the pure Waters of the North

  • Connection and prayers with the Sacred Fire

  • Journeys and healing with Drum to deeply connect with ourselves, our allies and each other

  • Meditating with Guardian Trees and the Spirit of Gold present within the land


Lapland is not only home to some of the purest nature and wilderness in the world, it is also the home to Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sámi. Part of our exploration will be to learn about their culture, how they have followed the Reindeer migrations and have been able to live in harmony with the Arctic land. We will learn about their past and also meet present day Sámi people who will share with us about their lives, their songs, Reindeer herding and beautiful crafts. We will also get to meet some Reindeer and attend Finland’s only indigenous people’s music festival to celebrate!


About the sacred sites we will visit:

  • Inari lake, the “Sámi Sea” with over 3300 islands, and Ukko island dedicated to the God of Thunder

  • A Magical forest hike via the Wilderness Church of Lake Pielpa, one of the oldest standing buildings in Northern Lapland

  • A very special Sacred spring, one of Finland’s largest, in a Nature reserve that is part of a Reindeer herding area 

  • A waterfall within Europe’s largest wilderness area, where we will also connect with the Gold that is present in the land 



This is going to be a truly unique and one of a kind pilgrimage combining ceremony, nature connection at sacred sites, cultural meetings and plenty of celebration. This is an opportunity to connect with and celebrate our own indigenous hearts, the parts of us that knows the sacred in the land and in ourselves, and also to learn from the Sámi people and the wild land directly. 


We are visiting during the August harvest moon time when the days are still long, temperatures are getting cooler but still comfortable, and the mosquitoes are disappearing. This is the time when there is an abundance of mushrooms and superfood berries, such as cloudberries, blueberries, and crowberries, that will have ripened under the midnight sun for us to enjoy. Delicious! The Full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, which is progressive, futuristic, unique, non-conforming and humanitarian, inviting us to make our way into a positive future whilst staying weird and wonderfully unique! We warmly welcome you to join us for this Arctic Adventure of a lifetime.

Included in the retreat are: 

  • 6 nights accommodation in 2 lovely wilderness hotels, one by a lake and one by a river. Rooms are shared. There are limited single rooms available at extra cost.

  • All ceremonies and excursions

  • Entrance ticket to the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre 

  • Entrance ticket to the Sámi Music Festival

  • Finnish saunas for you to enjoy

  • 2 boat trips

  • Delicious nordic cuisine (only the evening of the music festival is not included)

  • Transfer from Ivalo ariport upon arrival, to and from all the sites, and on the last day transfer to Inari Village by mini-van

Not included:

  • Personal travel expenses to and from Ivalo airport

  • Travel insurance (required)

  • Souvenirs, additional snacks, etc


This retreat welcomes both women and men. Please note, the hikes will be relatively easy, however it’s important you are in good physical health as they will require some endurance.

Nordic cuisine has a lot of super fresh fish from the pristine lakes, delicious healthy wild meat including Reindeer, moose and others. It’s an opportunity to receive nourishment from very healthy wild nature, including the yummy mushrooms and berries that will be in season. Of course, Vegetarian and Vegan diets will be catered for.


Traveling and distances:

Thanks to good flight and bus connections, making the journey to Lapland is straightforward.

By Air

Finnair flies to Ivalo from Helsinki daily. The airport shuttle bus travels between Ivalo and Inari.


By Train

The overnight train is a wonderful way to make the journey North. There are a number of trains scheduled between Rovaniemi and Helsinki per day and the journey lasts between 8 to 13 hrs. Train lines stop at Rovaniemi, after which you will need to take a bus to Inari which takes approximately 5 hours.


By Bus

Eskelinen and JBUS connect Rovaniemi and Inari. Bus tickets can be bought directly from the driver or reserved online.

When travelling between destinations in the Eastern and Western parts of Lapland, please be aware that there may be only one service a day which will mostly likely go via Rovaniemi.

Price of Retreat: €1850

Payment plans available in 3 parts.

Deposit of €700 paid upon booking. 

A second payment of €700 on June 13th (2 months before the retreat)

The balance of €450 will be paid in cash upon arrival at the retreat.

Or you can pay in full right away. It's up to you.

You can also contact us if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.

A packing list and helpful info will be sent to you to prepare for this magical retreat and make the most of the adventure.

Please email us to book your place and with any question to

Our group will be a small and intimate group. Get in touch early. 

Warmly welcome!

Photos from our pilgrimage sites & venues Finnish Lapland




About your facilitators and guides

Pamela and Lani have been close friends since 2015 and have shared many transformational journeys together. They have held a couple of retreats together in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, "Heart Initiation" and "Flowering New Earth" and also "Heart of the Forest Retreat" in Nuuksio National Park, Finland. Lani and Pamela have also held with many workshops and ceremonies together over the years combining Plant Medicine, Transformational Breathwork, Sound healing and Shamanic journeying. Their shared signature is to offer a safe and sacred space to dive deep into transformation and empowerment, and also to soar high with great laughter and joy.

About Lani

Lani Rocillo has over 12 years collective experience facilitating deep and transformational spaces with plant medicines, harmonising sound immersion, breathwork, voice alchemy, kundalini yoga and community sharing circles.  She supports to awaken self empowerment and our natural capacity to self-heal, realise balanced health, compassionate purpose and heightened creative potential.


Lani offers ceremonies, retreats, one to one sessions and group training worldwide.  She is co-creator of  Our Light  Gathering,  a fully off-grid visionary festival, and founder of Hathor’s Rose Choir, a choir exploring intuitive song creation.  

About Pamela

Pamela Naraya is passionate about connection with this wild land of the North that has deepened through her own personal journey and relationship with this land. She is excited about empowering the great wild spirit within through rememberance and embodiment in each of us to bring about greater joy, freedom and empowerment in our daily lives and relationships. She has been offering vibrational medicine, transformational breathwork, womb work and plant medicine ceremonies for the past 10 years.

Pamela holds space for one-to-one sessions, ceremonies and rites of passage for young women in her home in the French Pyrenees, along with shamanic nature retreats worldwide.

We look forward to journeying in the Wild North with you!

With Love always,

Pamela & Lani

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