Lessons from my Moontime

The portal of my bleeding is golden to me. I used to get cramps that forced me to stop all my doing so I would totally come into stillness & just be. I sorted out my cramps in between cycles with yoni steams, herbal infusions, womb massage & meditation. Now it’s no longer pain that stops me during my moontime, it’s the value I get from the deep listening time with myself. I still stop the doing, at least for one day, ideally 3 days slowing down... My man helps me with the cooking or I prepare meals beforehand so I can rest. If I’m around too many people or activity, I experience discomfort. When I come back to myself, the discomfort leaves. This is my bleeding womb’s way of communicating my body & soul’s needs:

“Be alone. A portal is open. Messages need to be heard & felt without distractions. You are actually in deep contact with your innermost power when you bleed. Do not apologize or feel guilty for needing to isolate yourself. There is no shame in this primal need. When we give ourselves what we need, our self-love & confidence grows. We regenerate & are able to show up for others the rest of the month in a good way.

We are cyclical beings by Nature. Let’s stop trying to push the river another way. That’s how we harm ourselves & create imbalances. Do not apologize for your power. Do your thing. Life loves you regardless. Align with the wisdom of your womb & cyclical energy so you can come home to your true Nature. Your ancestors & future generations will thank you for it. Peace is returning through you. And so it is.”

If you would like to connect more deeply with your womb & inner wisdom, I am available for one to one sessions of energy medicine & mentoring. Womb work is one of my favourite ways of supporting you. It is deeply sacred. With love always 🌀🌙🐚


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