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Lunar Imbolc Blessings

The season change is one of the holiest portals I know. The liminal space feels like home. It is an opening to the realm of spirit, a reminder of how everything overlaps... As the seasons spiral, inner changes are catalysed along with Gaia’s currents. The feminine energy cycles in the body, week by week, spiral along with the seasons too. As within, so without.

6 years ago I started holding ceremonies for my community to come together at the cross quarter festivals that mark the seasonal changes and form an ancient calendar grounded in the wisdom of the Earth. On this new moon we will celebrate Lunar Imbolc. I’m excited about the intimate circle that’s forming to Journey in this ceremony together. I have found sacred space grounded in the cycles to be my anchor, my safe place to explore what is moving within, what is ready to transform and what is ready to rebirth. And when we gather together it gets so much stronger! So you I invite you into this circle to share your heart and explore what is moving in your inner terrain at this time. To dive deep into the liminal and resource yourself for the season change with shamanic journeying, embodiment and fire ceremony. What is it that you are ready to shed at this time and what are you calling in? Let the elements and allies of nature cheer you on as you feed your inner fire with community.

Snake has been coming to me, letting me know this is a time of deep shedding and transformation. We need to do it together, and release the fear of ego death. We must die again and again if we are to truly live and be free in this life. Die to the small self and those limiting beliefs. Die to the old dreams and reclaim the life force to create something new, something inspiring that sets your soul on fire!

Imbolc is like the twilight sky before dawn. We can see the light is growing, yet the sun has not quite risen yet. There is much potency in this liminal portal. Let’s celebrate the dawn of this Lunar Imbolc, the Chinese New Year of the metal ox and the coming of spring together. Let’s set our creative fires ablaze with renewed inspiration like the light of the morning sun. Warmly welcome. You can book through the link below:

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